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project-centric learning for becoming a software engineer

  • Week 12: A Recap

    Current events have had me in a disturbed and distracted state, essentially preventing much progress over the last week.

  • Week 11: A Recap

    Crush, Kill, Deploy I was almost ecstatic in last week’s recap about finally having a working (if ultra-barebones) version. But what good is it to have it running on localhost? None. So the first task this week was to actually deploy 200 OK. That was really a single bullet point on my todo list for last Monday: register domain and deploy. I wish it was so easy. Well, registering the domain was easy.

  • Week 10: A Recap

    It was a week of failing and succeeding, a week of non-programming obligations and furious coding, and it all led to the single greatest moment so far: achieving the minimum viable product status.

  • Week 9: A Recap

    I’m close to having my minium viable product and start thinking about how to approach the infrastructure, testing, building and deploying as well as the looming frontend portion of the project.

  • Week 8: A Recap

    This week has brought a revelation for my database woes and some much needed validation for the whole project. This more than covers for a lack of much coding progress (caused by the discovery of O’Reilly’s fantastic book subscription service).

  • Week 7: A Recap

    With work on the actual project finally underway, I can fully immerse myself in the countless problems surrounding it, with database issues still on the top of that list.

  • Week 6: A Recap

    This week: critical thinking about the things preventing me from making any meaningful progress, essentially wasting a week’s worth of time.

  • Week 5: A Recap

    With the key points of my project defined, I could now start to refine what features would be required (and which ones would be nice to have). With some hesitation, I also started to write some code.

  • Week 4: A Recap

    The slow and agonizing search for a project of the right scope took its toll on me. But with an idea at hand, the actual work can finally begin.

  • Week 3: A Recap

    In this week’s news: how a random project tied a few topics together quite nicely and why I found error handling inside of lots of asynchronous JS code to be quite hard when trying keep the internal state sane. Plus: enjoying books and struggling with project ideas.