Public Learning

project-centric learning for becoming a software engineer

  • Week 6: A Recap

    This week: critical thinking about the things preventing me from making any meaningful progress, essentially wasting a week’s worth of time.

  • Week 5: A Recap

    With the key points of my project defined, I could now start to refine what features would be required (and which ones would be nice to have). With some hesitation, I also started to write some code.

  • Week 4: A Recap

    The slow and agonizing search for a project of the right scope took its toll on me. But with an idea at hand, the actual work can finally begin.

  • Week 3: A Recap

    In this week’s news: how a random project tied a few topics together quite nicely and why I found error handling inside of lots of asynchronous JS code to be quite hard when trying keep the internal state sane. Plus: enjoying books and struggling with project ideas.

  • Week 2: A Recap

    The first full week of my endeavour has brought new insights into how to best structure my learning and project work. I’ve been talking to a lot of people, among them both former and current Capstone students, and learned a lot. I was also continuing my foray into advanced backend and frontend topics.

  • Week 1: A Recap

    I take a look back at the first four days of my endeavour, how I spent my time and what I find challenging about learning outside of the structures of a curriculum.

  • Taking the gloves off

    Starting the new year (or decade, even) with my personal Capstone experience feels like doing the right thing at exactly the right time. I’ve left behind all thoughts about my bygone career and have also completed my almost two-year-long foundational Launch School education (well, almost, more about that later). I have also enjoyed the luxury of a good head start, digging into the basics of Node.js and Express in December as a means of gaining some required backend knowledge.

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  • Week minus 1: Passion Projects

    I couldn’t have chosen a better time to start my Mini-Capstone journey: a new decade is beginning and so is (hopefully) my new career in software development. But first there’s the Christmas season and it brings the calm before the storm. Last week has brought closure to my old career in book publishing. No tears were shed on my end, instead an overwhelming joy filled my heart: it’s a sure sign that I made the right decision.

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  • Week minus 2: Node Express

    Almost done! With just four work days left in my old job and Christmas right around the corner, I’m getting quite anxious at the prospect of launching myself towards a completely new career. But there is no better way to quell that anxiety than by submitting to a rigorous learning process and that’s what I did this week. After completing the first 9 Advent of Code exercises (repo here), I have stopped doing them, because the problems got more complex towards the halfway point.

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  • Week minus 3: Jingle Hells

    Christmas is getting closer and time for programming is sparse. With just 9 more work days until I quit my full-time job of ten years, preparing all the necessary documentation and handing over projects takes a lot of time. In addition to that, the advent weekends are often reserved for time with family and friends. But that was expected, so I didn’t plan on getting much done this week. What I’m happy with is my progress in this year’s Advent of Code.

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