Public Learning

project-centric learning for becoming a software engineer

  • Final Recap

    Lots of progress on the user-facing website, but also substantial improvements in the backend innards. With the final push for 200 OK, a long journey comes to an end.

  • Week 18: A Recap

    The beast is slain. Like a knight triumphing over a dead dragon, I have finally completed the route customization feature. This means I am really close to finishing the whole thing.

  • Week 17: A Recap

    Do you like post mortems? I like post mortems. Read along to find out what they have to do with this week’s recap.

  • Week 16: A Recap

    I am slowly but surely coming to an end with my project work, but the last percent are hard-earned thanks to React’s paradigms that are still largely unfamiliar to me.

  • Week 15: A (Short) Recap

    The Easter week had led to a rather uneventful week where progress was slow and barely visible.

  • Week 14: A Recap

    React was the name of the game this last week, encouraging a learning frenzy and a deep-dive into dynamic frontend development.

  • Week 13: A Recap

    Full speed ahead, that was this week’s motto (and should be the motto of the remaining weeks). Implementing server-sent events and deciding yet again on a course for the frontend code were the highlights of what I got done.

  • Week 12: A Recap

    Current events have had me in a disturbed and distracted state, essentially preventing much progress over the last week.

  • Week 11: A Recap

    Crush, Kill, Deploy I was almost ecstatic in last week’s recap about finally having a working (if ultra-barebones) version. But what good is it to have it running on localhost? None. So the first task this week was to actually deploy 200 OK. That was really a single bullet point on my todo list for last Monday: register domain and deploy. I wish it was so easy. Well, registering the domain was easy.

  • Week 10: A Recap

    It was a week of failing and succeeding, a week of non-programming obligations and furious coding, and it all led to the single greatest moment so far: achieving the minimum viable product status.