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Week minus 3: Jingle Hells

Christmas is getting closer and time for programming is sparse. With just 9 more work days until I quit my full-time job of ten years, preparing all the necessary documentation and handing over projects takes a lot of time. In addition to that, the advent weekends are often reserved for time with family and friends. But that was expected, so I didn’t plan on getting much done this week.

What I’m happy with is my progress in this year’s Advent of Code. I mostly used my lunch breaks at work to make substantial progress on the exercises and finished my solutions in a few spare minutes in the evening. The difficulty curve is still relatively gentle this year with the only exception being an Intcode computer that gave me a few headaches when debugging a minor mistake.

Week minus 3 - Advent of Code

Without time for much else, there is no significant progress on my Node.js/JavaScript learnings. For now I’m content with retaining my JS fluency through Advent of Code and looking forward to next weekend, where I should be able to fit a few solid hours of programming in.

In other news, I have found a partner for my “Mini Capstone” in fellow Launch School student Simon. He messaged me a while ago, asking about my Capstone plans and it turned out that he is in a similar spot. We even shortly considered doing the full experience as a team, learning and building a single project together. But it became apparent that he is still lagging behind in his Core progress and will still do part-time work next year, creating a possible mismatch between our learning and project building schedules.

We therefore agreed to support each other in our learning phases, with both of us building a separate Capstone project. I’m really looking forward to having a partner for discussions, explanations and general support. Going into this completely alone was one of my biggest fears, and having Simon to share the pains and joys of Capstone is an immense value. I will surely talk more about the details of our collaboration once we get started.