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Week 12: A Recap

Keep It Separate, Stupid

This is going to be the shortest weekly recap so far. The simple reason is that the current events have had me in a state of… worried curiosity, maybe? Whatever it was, I couldn’t focus on my code and instead spent tons of hours looking at research papers, studies, news articles and what not. Yeah, I should have continued with 200 OK instead, and that is exactly what I will do this week.

So far, progress is not much different from last week, except that I ironed out a few kinks, revamped the dashboard and have brought the live version (under to the latest state of affairs. So you can create APIs to your heart’s content, create an account through GitHub’s OAuth integration and connect all your created APIs with your account. More functionality to the frontend will soon follow and I’m looking forward to dive deep into some explanations about Server-Sent Events next week. Until then, I have nothing more to add and will leave you with a screenshot of the current state of the frontend.

Current State of the Frontend



Time spent this week: I don’t know, 5 or 6 hours? Embarrassing, I know.