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Week 15: A (Short) Recap

Fifty Levels Of Polish

With the Easter holiday in sight, I slacked off procrastinated a bit. That involved a bit of thinking about my next steps: how I can leverage 200 OK for my application purposes and how that process will go in general. There is so much uncertainty right now that I’m getting really anxious about my job search.
In that regard, I also started outlining my case study writeup. That is going to be a tough one. Reading again through the case studies of past Capstone projects, I was deeply impressed by the amount of incredibly hard engineering problems that e.g. the Mothership guys solved. 200 OK has almost none of that, I think that most of the difficulty came from having to quickly learn lots of things and to construct something coherent from all this quickly acquired knowledge. Engineering challenges were sparse, and mostly involved my early database considerations. I’m curious how much I will be able to actually write without feeling like I talk about very obvious decisions.
In my procrastinating mood, I also found joy and zen in the tasks for the very first Advent of Code. Coming back to a set of restrictive programming challenges that are small in scope was a blissful experience and I have to admit that I spent two whole days doing nothing but programming exercises. I could claim that it was job interview preparation (you never know when you might need a recursive algorithm), but the truth is that I desperately wanted a distraction from 200 OK. Following that, the long weekend of Easter was spent completely away from my notebook and no further work got done.

I did think about a few decision, though, that I will have to make very soon. 200 OK will be in a good state as soon as the custom endpoint behaviour is implemented, but there is much more that could be done. There are various layers of polish that I can apply, and I will have to think about how much of that makes sense. 200 OK is primarily a resumé-driven project, so my focus should lie on making it as presentable as it can be, but no more than that. I could probably spend a long time polishing up internals, adding features like pagination and sorting for the API calls. But would that help in getting a job? No. So at some point, I will have to make a decision to stop working on the project, and it will come sooner than I might think. Talk about that anxiety again.

Anyway, I will have more interesting stuff to report next week, so for now I will continue writing code.